We make every effort to buy cod and haddock from the Atlatic Northeast/Barents Sea, around the Faroe Islands/Iceland and Norway. These areas are managed through quotas to keep stocks at sustainable levels. A great website for more information is www.seafish.org.

Also last year we joined the fish fight campaign run by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. The idea behind his campaign is to raise awarness of by-catch. www.fishfight.net

“By-catch or discards, where dead, often perfectly usable fish are thrown overboard, are a clear waste of natural resources. They are ethically undesirable, disruptive to marine ecosystems and have a significant financial impact on the fishing industry.” Richard Benyon MP Minister for Natural Enviroment and Fisheries

One way we have tried to tackle this is by offering other species of fish, such as Dabs, which if everyone did this, would create a demand for more of the by-catch, so the quota would increase for that type of fish. The other way has been to buy more line-caught Cod and Haddock.

After joining the Fish Fight campaign we received a letter back from MP David Amess, keeping us informed of the progress of the reforms to the Common Fisheries Policy and hopefully a new quota system along with a 'land what you catch' system will help to eradicate by-catch.

All of our fish waste is collected by one of our suppliers, we pack this into the polystyrene boxes they were delivered in also to reduce waste.

Our used groundnut oil is taken away once a month for recycling into bio-fuel.

We have a 1100ltr Recycle bin for all of the cardboard and cans used, which is emptied twice a week.

Most of the packaging your fish and chips are wrapped in, is recyclable or compostable, even down to the wooden knives and forks.

We use local potatoes from Wakering, which means less fuel used for our twice weekly deliveries.

If you have any other ideas to reduce our impact on the enviroment as a local business please e-mail me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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